To further illumine the situation on the necessity for speed, note this article from the 'Daily Nation' newspaper, Kenya, 18th July 1995 - "The World Bank's Vice President for Africa....has decried the slow pace of structural adjustment efforts now underway across all Africa and said the reforms could move faster.... adding that reforming countries were partners with the bank

...the bank was in the development business, and cannot be preoccupied with countries like Zaire and Sudan which, he said were not interested in reforms." End quote. (Emphasis added).

This means Zaire and Sudan are not wishing to fulfil the conditions. Zaire already has the Ebola virus. What are the plans for Sudan?


Fabian Socialism, which has 3 main planks.

a) Gradualism - sneak up on the people, then hit hard. Never slow down your reforms or deviate or all your waiting has been in vain.

b) Dispossession - every book I have ever read on the New World Order make land and real-estate the valuable commodity to be taken over at all costs.

c) Pauperisation - destroy every sector of society using the best methods possible to achieve this.

Apparent Political Suicide

Residents of New Zealand, (the guinea pig country), will remember the Finance Minister of the day refused to slow down the reforms although they caused almost unbearable pain to many families. Result, he lost his job.

The next Minister of Finance, a woman, followed the same plan to a tee, as it was suggested that should she not stick to the rules, she wouldn't get the job. Result - she lost her job.

Keep raising taxes and rates until people can't keep up the payments. Your friendly government man then knocks on your door saying "Sign your property over to us. We will pay the taxes and rates, whilst you become a tenant on the land that was originally yours."

Reader, please take note of the ruined sectors and watch your country follow the plan and go the same way.

Amalgamate county councils and quangos and control them from afar, so there is no longer any emotional involvement.

Sack thousands of workers and replace them with contract labour who sign a contract and thus cannot ever afford to strike again.

Thus trade unions are undermined and ultimately destroyed.

Remember Rule no.1. By controlling energy we can control nations. By controlling food we can control individuals.

On 13th October 1992, we read in Great Britain that 30 coal mines were to be shut down with the loss of 30,000 coal-miners' jobs. We travelled to the Rhonda Valley in Wales and found that there was enough coal to supply that country for centuries. They then imported coal from Germany until the mines were privatised and began operations again with new overseas owners.

I received a call this morning from a man who had attended my lectures some time ago. He was told by his employer that their firm is to undercut all other trucking firms and carry food and vegetables nationwide on their fleet of older and many new trucks. (30th April 1995). I wonder where all the funds come from? New Zealand or overseas?

Destroy the primary producer - the farmer.

In the U.S.A., during the month of June 1991, a farmer was driven from his land every 25 minutes. Farming friends of ours in Great Britain and Iowa, U.S.A., refrained from growing crops on designated land as the government restricted them from doing so.

Small businesses, e.g. tractor and plough sales collapsed as a result.

Education came under attack. Government funds dried up. No discipline resulted in thousands of teachers leaving the profession whilst children left school with little knowledge of the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics. Rebellion was taught as children learned their rights.

Although all this appears to be a natural decline in standards, this is not the case. Education has been carefully designed to retard childrens' intellectual abilities, thus preventing them from reading and understanding events. Instead they are fed a diet of t.v. and videos.

In New Zealand, parents no longer have the right to view their child's report card without the child's permission. Men are leaving the teaching profession in droves, leaving women as the major role model. This is fine for the girls, but what about the boys?

1"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." End quote.

Fishing - Commercial fishermen had to accept ITQ's i.e. Individual Transferable Quotas and were only allowed to catch the species that they were allocated. Result? Thousands of other species tipped overboard by angry fishermen and the price of fish rockets so that consumers can barely afford to buy it.

They call this preserving the fish stocks. Impoverished fishermen sell their ITQ's to those with the most money.

'Press', 21st November 1992 - "Japanese could own all "fisheries".

New Zealand's transferable fishing quotas are a recipe for disaster according to a visiting expert on marine reserves.

....the system could result in the complete ownership of New Zealand's fisheries by Japanese companies.

"I don't think anyone should own what's in the sea, therefore, a property right is bizarre", he said.

Any system that could result in the takeover of fishing quotas by overseas companies was "lunatic", he said. End quote. (Emphasis added.)

Obviously, this was a highly intelligent man who was not in on the plan.

Seeds manipulated - New bills are continuously being churned out by the New World Order people. This diabolical decree is entitled PBR or PVR - Plant Breeder's Rights or Plant Variety Rights. It requires that all seeds be emasculated, made into hybrids and fully controlled by the plant breeders.

In New Zealand today, the role model country has very few natural seeds left. This will bring the hippies out of the bush.

Note - For a catalogue of natural non-hybrid species, please write to Phoenix Seeds, Smithton, Tasmania, Australia.

Health - hospitals - thousands of staff were sacked and replaced with people on a personal contract. Result, poor service, pay for everything (user pays), and no more unions.

Psychiatric - patients were driven out on to the streets under the guise of being 'rehabilitated and released into society to lead a normal life', as nobody wanted to be responsible for their care and upkeep.

It is of special note that just prior to the next general election in New Zealand in 1996, new funding is being provided to assist these poor folk. What a pity we don't have elections every six months. This is the old 'carrot on the stick' trick.

300 post offices were shut down virtually overnight. The post and telegraph department was split three ways and made into profitable businesses by contracting out much of its work. Charges consequently rose in an alarming manner. Postal rates are continually being increased.

Phone booths were changed overnight. Not only in colour but in mode of operation. 20 cent coins gave way to phone cards. Telecom, under privatisation, has the majority of shares with a large U.S. firm. A massive increase in charges was subtly dealt with by introducing colourful, plastic phone cards.

The tremendous profits that resulted could have helped our country but went to the new American owners.

In the year 1996, a television documentary told us that $620 million was sent overseas. The new owners defended themselves by saying that the asset can never be shipped overseas.

The elderly were mercilessly put under attack. Assets tests suddenly introduced caught many with too much saved up over the years and their government benefits, suffered accordingly. GRI - Guaranteed Retirement Income - New Zealand. RIP - Retirement Income Pension - Australia.

As a result, some elderly persons have returned to an old method of saving - CIS - Cash In Sock.

Savings for children and grand-children was taxed.

Collectors of moss or abalone (paua) shells off beaches were required to pay tax.

Welcome to the New World Order!

Electricity cards came next. User pays. You pay first then use the power.

Military bases closing down. These will be no longer necessary as we all become good friends and neighbours in our 'global villages'. U.N. forces can do the fighting for us.

New taxes came in i.e. G.S.T. - Goods and Services Tax. It started at 10% with promises that it would not rise. It did rise of course, to 12.5%. Other countries called it VAT. - Value Added Tax. This tax is inevitable as it comes under the heading conditionalities policies etc, etc... People in other countries are incensed at this tax and are in some cases organising protest marches against it. It is recognised as a political 'hot potato'.

Can you see it now? Pick off each sector of society little by little. Sit back and watch your country go the same way.

A note to those with no spiritual base to their lives. I recognise that this is quite heavy information.

As is often the case with those who are informed they have an incurable sickness, you, the reader of this book, may experience the following emotions:

a) Hot flushes and a 'trapped feeling'. "Stop the earth, I want to get off."

b) Self-pity. "Why wasn't I born in the days of the Waltons or the Little House on the Prairie?" (Author's comment - too late!)

c) Denial - "It isn't true. It isn't really happening. This author is a deluded, way out, doomsday cultist."

(Author's comment - when you get to know me, you may find me to be a very nice, sensible family man with a very happy disposition.)

d) Anger - "It's not fair. Why does this have to happen to my generation?" (Author's note - well, as it happens, you are living at a very important time in the history of this world.)


1 The Holy Bible; Isaiah 3:12


Watch as each sector of society in your country is restructured.

The ex-government departments will all be given new names, which take many months to get used to.

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