For some years now, some New Zealanders (or Kiwis, as we call ourselves), have known of quite a large group of Parliamentarians, originally calling themselves 'Parliamentarians for World Order' (PWO).

They soon discovered that this title contravened the Electoral Act as they had all sworn allegiance to uphold the sovereignty of this country. The name was then changed from Parliamentarians for World Order, to a new name i.e. 'Parliamentarians for Global Action' (PGA).

A list of 40 names was read over the air 19th February 1995. This author has in his possession a full list of these names, posted out by a current politician in the year 1996. The majority of these politicians would not have the slightest clue as to the true aims of the organisation. Some would see membership as an opportunity to take off to another all-expenses paid conference.

Most would see this group as presenting a united front against common "global problems".

The point is my friends; do not condemn these dear men and women out of hand. I will confess that without a full knowledge of the ancient prophecies and the end result of all this, I also, no doubt, would cry "Oh, what a grand scheme! It was worth all the pain for the glory of beholding the light at the end of the tunnel. A virtual Utopia where we attack global problems in a united fashion, and we will beat our swords into ploughshares," (as the Scriptural passage taken completely out of context, and written on the United Nation's building says).

The only thing that these planners have not taken into account is the heart of man from God's point of view.

"The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it? I the Lord search the heart - I try the reins." End quote.

Please give the Lord credit for knowing a little more than we do. He had some difficulty with the Tower of Babel folk about "four days" ago (1 day=1,000 years in His sight), and now that the Phoenix is rising again, He says "Ho hum. Here they go again." We make bold to say that the same mighty God who smashed the tower of Babel will also, at the right time smash the Luciferian new World Order, and set up His own system.

Our son-in-law wrote to a current New Zealand politician in the year 1995 and this was his response.

"Dear Mr K......

Thank you for your letter of 26 January 1995 relating to my stance as a globalist.

I am sure that many intelligent New Zealanders share my views that a global government is inevitable and that it is to be welcomed. Unlike the conspiracy 'nutters' I see this as an opportunity to ensure global policies on health, technology, trade - and the chance to eradicate pestilence, famine and disease. I am unsure how many Members of Parliament feel the same way.

Yours sincerely

................MP" End quote.

Proof 1

Please note the words "a global government is inevitable". They crash on blindly calling people like us 'Conspiracy nutters'.

I remember having lunch with a politician friend of mine in the New Zealand Parliament Restaurant called Bellamy's. We looked around at the other Politicians and my friend murmured "The ignorance in here is appalling."


Proof 2 New Zealand 'Herald', 27th July 1989 - "....easier investing rules bring warning on sovereignty." End quote.

In our book 'Final Notice', pages 43 and 44, we list a number of New Zealand politicians who gladly and freely admitted membership of the group called PGA.

A politician called R.....d P.....e has his remarks written in Hansard (the New Zealand government records book).

Proof 3

Quote - "We will not be able to tackle these problems unless we are prepared to co-operate and give up some of our national sovereignty." End quote. Date of statement - 16th July 1981.

Now can you see why all was conducted initially in secrecy, then under various disguises. The people would go crazy if they found out.

Talk Back Radio

It is absolutely mind-boggling to listen, whenever I have a spare moment, to these talk-back radio shows where both host and callers do their best to put a handle on what is going on. Each talk-back station in New Zealand will receive a free copy of this book, so they may discuss things intelligently in the future. God bless them all.

Some years ago, New Zealand had a very authoritarian Prime Minister called S..r R.......t M.......n. He was deposed from his position through a situation which developed, yet never seemed to actively try to get back into power. I found that the reason was that he was one of the 6 governors of the World Bank, and regularly took overseas trips in this capacity.

Many people longed to have an authoritarian figure back in power and started a group called the "Sunday Club". Believe it or not, the Sunday Club listed our books as recommended reading.

Well did this cause an uproar in Parliament? A friend of mine named Bill, (now deceased), called me excitedly on the phone and said "Tune in to Parliament on the radio. They are arguing about your books."

It was great as they all started to fight and accuse each other of making certain statements. I couldn't help laughing when the speaker of the House rapped his gavel and shouted "Order, order. None of you made those statements. It was this man Smith."

Some days later, we received an invitation to visit the 'Beehive' (New Zealand's Parliament building) to have discussions with the Prime Minister.

Ethics prevent me from ever making public what was discussed in his office that day but when we emerged, his secretary whispered "How did you last in there for one and a half hours? He always ushers people out after 20 minutes." I replied "If you knew what information I had to share, you would know why the visit was for one and a half hours."

Of course, R......t M......n was a New World Order man, very sincere, but like the rest, did not perceive the end result.

You will remember reading earlier on about the G7. Remember, they are the key players in this game. In fact, reading between the lines in the following excerpt, it would appear that the G7 could be the modern day authors of the whole restructuring plan, guided at all times of course by Satan.

Proof 4

New Zealand 'Sunday Star', 27th January 1987. (See 'Final Notice', page 245.) Mr M.....n in this article spoke of 45 different representatives meeting in Rome.

"...to see what we could do to mobilise public opinion in our various spheres of influence to give political support to the difficult decisions that have to be taken by the governments of the G7 to implement the policies that are seen to be necessary.....

The G7 proposal involves some loss of sovereignty by the participants and that is where the political difficulty arises."

(Author's note - In other words, once the people of the country find out what you are up to, they won't let you continue with your plan. In fact, if the facility was still in the law books, they might even insist that you be hung outside Parliament building for treason, as when entering this noble institution, you took a vow strongly implying that you would protect and look after the sovereignty of this nation. Now you are secretly and nefariously selling it out.


Graphic of a man being hanged for treason

What used to be called "Treason" is now called "Privatisation" .

I wonder what would happen in New Zealand if all its citizens read this book, and discovered to their horror, that in the year 1993, 40% of this country was already in overseas hands. Of course, in 1996, the situation is far worse.)

Gradual Colonialisation by Multi-Nationals

A recent television documentary revealed that at the time of printing this book, more than 51% of our Stock Market is overseas owned.

Many foreign owners don't live in the community. Apparently New Zealand is to become an exclusive playground for the world's wealthy. Foreign owners will ultimately try to change New Zealand law.

Continue quote - "If the public, or more correctly, the electorate of those countries can be persuaded that the result of that loss of sovereignty is higher standards of living for all the people of the world, the political difficulty will be overcome...." End quote.

As I jot down these lines on 29th April 1995, I know that my country has lost over 40% of its sovereignty and we are far worse off than before. A great many very sincere folk are promoting the plan. It is sweet to the taste, but extremely bitter in the stomach.

Further proof - Have you heard of the Secretary-General of the U.N., B....s B....s G......i? Quote from the "Agenda for Peace", paragraph 17, General Secretary's Report 1992 - "The time of absolute and exclusive sovereignty, however, has passed..." End quote. (Emphasis added).


"Interdependence" within the confines of the global village.

Explanation - No matter how well-known your particular country was at producing a product, the New World Order planners have now decided for us, what our particular strong point will be in the future e.g. New Zealand was well-known for dairy products, meat, and wool.

Under the New World Order plan, we have become well-known for pine logs and tourism.

Our wharves are packed with piles of logs awaiting export, mainly to Japan, as the price moves up from $150 cubic metre to $450 cubic metre. Pine trees grow more quickly here than anywhere else in the world, with the exception of Chile.

Proof 5

'Fiji Times', 11th June 1993 - "Cattle make way for timber.

A century after European settlers used fire and axe to wipe out most forests here, sheep and cattle paddocks are being turned into timber plantations.

Factors, including a ban on log exports from Sarawak to the fate of the American spotted owl, are producing record timber prices and a radical change in New Zealand's landscape.

Pruned radiata pine logs which were worth $NZ150 a cubic metre in May, are now fetching $NZ450.

....existing farmers are turning up to 25 per cent of their farms over to trees.

....It is not all rosy, and there are fears that the new prices for timber cannot be sustained...." End quote. (Emphasis added.)

Proof 6

'Dominion', 28th April 1995 - "Trees displacing sheep and beef on hill country farms.

The New Zealand Forestry Exchange has indicated that sheep and beef farmers are continuing to move from sheep and beef production to forestry." End quote.

The t.v. programme "Assignment", in August 1996, told us "Sheep and Cattle are being driven off the land. Over the past 25 years, pine trees have increased in New Zealand by l55%. The mayor of Wairoa says 5,000 hectares are planted in pines each year."

Question - Who now owns the Forestry?

Proof 7

'Dominion', 28th april 1995 - "Foreign ownership pushes past 40 per cent.

The purchase of just over 50 per cent of Carter-Holt-Harvey by American based International Paper means 40.6 per cent of New Zealand's forest ownership is under foreign control..." End quote.

'Dominion', 10 June 1993 - "Foreign investors move in on farms. ...most buyers being from Australia, Japan, Malaysia, the United States and Britain....." End quote.

As this book goes to press in the year 1996, it has just been revealed that the Americans now own most of the timber in this country. The American greenies' love for the "spotted owl" made logging difficult in the north west of the U.S.A. so now these entrepreneurs have come to our fair shores.


This very month, as I put pen to paper and write this book, it has just occurred to one of our quickly rising politicians that this is indeed happening. He is correct, but too late!

The problem is that he is now standing in the way of the New World Order plans. I regret to say that unless he changes tack, he could end up having an unfortunate accident. The New World Order planners are very determined people.

Proof 8

'Press', 22nd April 1995 - "P.....s urges stand against foreign ownership of resources.

Foreign ownership of New Zealand resources is a "line-in-the-sand" issue that needs a strong Opposition stand against quislings and traitors, says New Zealand First Leader; W.....n P.....s." End quote.

Author's note - I have been longing to use those two words but I am not protected by parliamentary privilege. Which two words did he use again? Quislings and traitors. Could it be that this gentleman feels that no politician has the mandate, right, or authority, to go against his vows and sell up the sovereignty of his country, piece by piece?

Now, some opponents didn't like this suggestion at all. Continue quote - "Mr B.....n angrily rejected Mr P.......s' claims, classing the New Zealand First and Alliance stand on foreign investment as 'grossly irresponsible distortions of reality.' " End quote. (Emphasis added.)

The use of pseudo-intellectual language such as this, still leaves the number 40% firmly printed in our minds. The ranting and ravings of apparent participants in this sellout leave reality where it always was - reality.

Aha! A clue at last.

The final paragraph in the article lets the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Proof 9

"Foreign investment was still needed to help develop New Zealand's infrastructure if it was to capitalise fully on the potential growth areas such as tourism and forestry....." End quote. (Emphasis added.)

What have we been saying for years in the course of our public lectures? "If you want to make a buck in New Zealand, bring a chainsaw or cater for tourism." Listen to the tapes. It is all recorded, over and over.

Other countries' roles in the New World Order

I have discovered my country's role. You can quite simply determine your country's role.

a) No matter how well-known a certain product may have been in the past, that will be allowed to lapse and die a normal death e.g.

Australia - steel, wool, meat, - dying.

b) Then watch and see which industries have a lot of money being poured into them e.g. Australia - wheat and minerals.

Let us take a few examples and see what these countries have been set aside for:

Great Britain finance, fashion and culture (architecture, music, cuisine, design, pop music, night life)
Argentina beef
Uganda coffee
Zambia copper
Tanzania diamonds
Germany luxury cars
Japan electronics
*Switzerland clocks and watches, chocolate, storing stolen Jewish gold. Geneva is a New World Order headquarters and banking centre.
Spain leather
Canada wheat
Italy designer clothes
Israel fruit
U.S.A. entertainment, Coca Cola, and pop culture
South Africa minerals and diamonds
American Samoa tuna fish
Papua New Guinea gold mining
Canada developing oil sands
Ghana, West Africa timber, gold, bauxite, cocoa
Kenya, East Africa tourism

etc etc etc

*For many years, it has been our desire to visit the land of Switzerland. As a boy, I was friends with the son of the Swiss consul in Wellington. This family used to kindly invite me home over the weekends and I used to thrill to the sound of Swiss mountain music, yodelling, and visualise the fantastic mountain scenery in that lovely land.

Then later, some very dear friends of ours in Australia, Urs and Kathy Leimgruber, became our agents and from time to time would share with us information on that wonderful land.

The question may now be asked, "What is Switzerland's role in the New World Order?"

I did not know the answer to this until this month, when we made our first tour of the area, and we would like to share this information with you herewith.

The two areas which seemed to escape most of the problems from the World War, which concluded in 1945, were the Vatican City in Rome, and Switzerland. These two areas of course, have been famous for many years for banking, politics, and religion, and there is certainly some link-up between the two.

During the month of October 1996, our tour group visited Rome, then moved on to St. Peters and the Sistine Chapel, where we saw the Swiss guards looking after and guarding the entranceway. Previous to that, we had been crossing Switzerland from side to side and end to end, and learned the following.

In Geneva we found the headquarters of almost every group involved in setting up the global situation. There we saw the United Nations building, the World Council Church building, the Red Cross building, the UNESCO building, and many others that are situated in that great city.

We then moved on to other places, including Lucerne, which is called, in their language, 'Lucerna'. It is famous for supernatural lights, and possibly has a link-up with the word 'Lucifer'.

Not far away was the great city of Basle, where the G7 meet regularly. The G7, as many people know, is the headquarters for the money-Iending institutions, and the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund cannot lend money without going first to their leaders, the G7, to gain permission.

In spite of all this, however, things are not going well for Switzerland. A headline in the 'Financial Times', 7th October 1996, reads thus: "Swiss face 20 billion dollar suit on Nazi gold."

And then in the 'Jerusalem Post', 6th October 1996, we read, "Holocaust survivor files 20 billion dollar lawsuit against Swiss bank.

A holocaust survivor living in Brooklyn has filed a twenty billion lawsuit in a U.S. Federal Court in New York against Swiss Banks for allegedly refusing to return victims' money and property....

She is seeking damages on behalf of herself and has invited other survivors, both Jews and non-Jews, to join the class action suit....

Weizhauss (from Romania) said her father got his money to Swiss banks before he was deported to Auschwitz in 1944....

She doesn't have account numbers. The suit is to force the disclosure of the numbers of the Swiss bank accounts from 1933 to 1945....Although such a case has been anticipated, it appeared to catch the banks, the Swiss government, and some Jewish advocates off-guard. It was unclear how the case would be co-ordinated or affected by the current efforts of the Volcker Committee which is preparing to arrange an audit of dormant Swiss bank accounts from the holocaust era....

Named in the suit are: Union Bank of Switzerland and the Swiss Bank Corporation, also known as Swiss National Bank, as well as more than a hundred unnamed banking institutions and individuals." End quote.

To our surprise, we then read another headline in the 'Financial Times', 7 October 1996, which reads: "Swiss Economy on the ropes. The chairman of the Swiss National Bank has inherited not one, but two problems...

"Internationally, he has been asked to explain the seemingly indefensible war time actions of his predecessors in buying looted Nazi gold. At home he is under pressure to solve Switzerland's worst period of economic stagnation since the 1930's.... For the last six years, Switzerland has been the worst performing European economy, apart from Finland, and the strains show." End quote.

You had better believe it. From the time we arrived until the time we left, our hands were continually dipping into our pockets, and many of us left the country financially embarrassed.

Something fishy is going on! At this stage we should be very grateful to the man who invented "venetian blinds" because with Switzerland collapsing financially, it could be "curtains for us all".

Headline - "Hitler hid profits from Mein Kampf in a Swiss bank."

The 'Daily Telegraph' on 6 September 1996 reads "Secret bank accounts were held in Switzerland for Adolf Hitler into which the royalties from his book, Mein Kampf, were paid, it is alleged today.... The accounts were handled by Max Ammann, head of the Nazi Party's Publishing Company...."

A telegram dated October 1944 was passed to the 'Jewish Chronicle' and claims Ammann's account was held in the Union Bank of Switzerland in Berne.

It adds, "It is quite possible that Hitler's foreign exchange revenues from his book, and foreign exchange revenues of the Nazi Party abroad, are held at this Swiss bank in Ammann's name.

The disclosure comes amidst intense pressure on Switzerland to open up its notoriously secretive banking system, as part of a move to locate the assets of victims of the holocaust.

Earlier this year, Swiss bankers signed an agreement with the World Jewish Congress to let an independent commission investigate the war-time role of Swiss banks....

In 1933, the year Hitler became Chancellor, the book sold a million copies and his income from 15% of the royalties was more than a million marks, making him the most prosperous author in Germany." End quote.

There's something very strange going on, and we do not pretend to know exactly what it is, but world powers are certainly looking after these two areas, namely, Switzerland and the Vatican.

Notice the World Bank is pouring millions into tourism in the land of Kenya, so when AIDS has done its job, the wealthy can enjoy the pleasures of Kenya's great safari parks.

At this stage, take a pen and write down the name of your country. Next, write down collapsing industries. Now, write down reviving industries, and those which are being built up through massive overseas investment.

It is quite simple really.


Isn't it exciting. All joining hands, smiling and singing "We are the world..." We don't need the living God any more, they suppose. We have a substitute god in the form of......

We cannot fight any more wars as we are now interdependent. If I make you my enemy, you may possess a product I need, so continued co-operation and harmonisation is essential.


1 The Holy Bible; Jeremiah 17:9

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