This web-site is made up of extracts from the books Barry Smith published over the years from 1980 until 1999.

BARRY SMITH, the late internationally renowned speaker, presents highly confidential information... which affects you!

15 years a school teacher in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, Barry left secure employment to lecture on such matters as end-time events, speaking to both secular and Christian audiences, including bankers, financiers and politicians.

Initially, people laughed him off as a conspiracy theorist. They are no longer laughing.

Barry's credibility has been vindicated time and time again. The information he gathered has been variously described as 'shocking', 'devastating', and 'shattering', yet coupled with this dynamic material is a message of HOPE.

For more information, please visit his web-site.

Specifically, the information contained in the pages of this web-site is derived from the following books:-

A History of the Seals on the US$ Bill 'better than Nostradamus' published 1996
Description and Meaning of the Seals --- ditto ---
What is a Freemason? --- ditto ---
A Mason Reveals All --- ditto ---
The New World Order --- ditto ---
The New World Order Plan --- ditto ---
The World Church System 'Final Notice' published 1989
Bilderbergers 'Warning' published 1980


The publisher of this web-site cannot vouch for the information contained therein. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those held by the publisher.


The copyright of the books from which the information in the web-site is gathered is held by Barry Smith.

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