Billy Bray

Some years ago, we were holding lectures in Southern England. The county of Cornwall is very beautiful and one of the highlights of my experience was to be invited to speak in a little old church called the B.C.C. or Bible Christian Church.

I have in my library a book which was given to me from a friend in Truro, Cornwall, on the life of this outstanding preacher.

Originally, he was a hard-drinking, swearing, cursing, ruffian, who worked in the Cornish clay mines.

God's Choice

There must come a time in each person's life, when they sicken of their seemingly purposeless existence, and they hear a voice within say "There has to be more to life than this."

At such a stage in his life, Billy heard another converted man preach of a new lifestyle, which was possible through personally understanding and accepting the precious blood of Christ, as his very own. For three days and nights, a terrible inward struggle took place and during that time, Billy wept and cried out that he was too much of a wretch to be saved.

On the fourth morning, however, the realisation of true salvation hit him like a rock between the eyes.

He understood at last, because the Lord Himself gave him that understanding.

You the reader, please find a quiet place. Just you alone with God. Ask Him to show you the inward joy of saying goodbye to religion and hello to relationship.

Pray like this.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ
Please hear me as I:
a) repent and turn away from all my past life.
b) I believe Lord Jesus that you are God's one and only Lamb.
c) Today, right now, I open the door to my life. I receive you now and will walk and talk with you until you call me home. Thank you Jesus. I am Yours forever and You are mine.

Read and understand this Bible promise. "But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name."

Billy Bray did just this, and became thoroughly born again.

If you are as sincere as he was, you will also, right at this moment, be thoroughly born again.

Billy Bray then became an enthusiastic disciple and preacher for our Lord Jesus Christ.

The book on his life is so exciting that you can feel the joy expressed as from then on, he became a real embarrassment to all the dry old religious people of his day.

Day and night as he travelled around England telling of this wondrous born again experience, it welled up within him, causing him to shout "Hallelujah, praise the Lord - I'm saved through the precious blood of Jesus."

When asked on occasions to be more subdued he would reply "I am so full of joy, you can lock me in a barrel to quieten me down, but I will shout 'Praise the Lord' through the bung hole."